Ross Rosen

It's a bit eclectic, but I do a lot of different things:

Business Consulting

Go-to-market strategy, product marketing, product management, and general startup strategy.

Software Development

Full-stack web development, backend python dev, data science, analytics, and visualizations.


I'm always working on my next thing.

Business Consulting

I’ve spent over 20 years building new markets for startups – as a software engineer, a product manager, a marketing executive, a sales leader, and as a founder and CEO. I’ve been part of wild successes (0 to $10b market cap in 4 years), moderate successes, and outright failures. I’ve focused mostly on enterprise software, but also ran a consumer internet startup and even led business development for an industrial machinery company. The common theme has been to use the tools of product, marketing, and sales to create and grow a market and beat the competition.


Go To Market strategy and execution
Product management
Product marketing

Software Development

Recently, after a 20 year hiatus, I've taken up coding again. I love it.

I'm a full stack web developer with a particular interest in data analysis and visualization.
I use python in the backend wherever possible and have done a bit of machine learning.
I do freelance work and also work on my own projects.




Servi helps developers build production-quality servers, easily and quickly. Github

HackerNews visualization website.
Github Repos: Site, Scraper

My first website. Analysis of weather and definitive proof that the weather in Seattle sucks.


Machine Learning

Machine learning analysis of social media marketing activities. Using feature extraction and a random forest, identified key features (i.e. actions) which resulted in greater postive or negative impact.


Responsive Website

A simple but high quality website for a house rental. Flask backend. Responsive CSS. Adaptive image serving.


Website Backend

A small project hooking up a flask / couchdb (Cloudant) backend to an angular frontend for a company's employment pages. Also built a .exe to integrate the data into the company's existing Excel spreadsheets.

Blue Dolphins

One Day Website

Can I use my powers for good? Yes I can!


I'm a startup guy. During the .com craziness, I was part of the startup team that grew Kana Communications from 0 to 1200 people in 4 years. Later I was VP of marketing for a company that sold software to the insurance industry. (Yes - that was as bad as it sounds.) I started my own social network company. (Facebook did slightly better than us.) I worked as a consultant helping early stage startups raise money and grow their businesses. I even worked on a project doing nanopore DNA sequencing.

I've always got some plan I'm working on.