This may be the most valuable post I write. And while I can't claim this list is sufficient, it certainly is necessary. If you haven't read everything on this list, get on it.

  • Product / Market Fit
    • The most important thing and a really well written article – ALL startups should follow this: Product / Market Fit
  • Go To Market Strategy for Startups 
  • Four Steps to the Epiphany
    • PDF Intro – I think you can get most of the benefit from this first chapter.
    • Full book – I, quite frankly, never made it through the entire book. For some reason I didn’t like it that much and felt most of the benefit was in the intro. But perhaps I’m missing something.
  • Crossing the Chasm
    • This is THE bible of high tech marketing. Steven Blank of Four Steps would say this is mostly irrelevant since this only comes after customer discovery, but I think he’s non-trivially wrong. This is the book.
  • The Innovator’s Dilemma
    • This is right after Crossing the Chasm with respect to marketing strategy books. Love it.
  • The Sales Learning Curve
    • HBS article. Very good article on how to think about sales. Genesis of the concept of the Renaissance Rep. Link.
    • Obviously this isn't essential if you are building a online-only or consumer startup.

Note - Crossing the Chasm and The Innovator's Dilemma are two-thirds of the holy trinity of high tech strategy books. I'm still looking for the third.

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